Monday, 28 March 2011

I am Rainbow

Don't you just love bright colours? We were feeling rather playful last Saturday and decided to try out a more cheerful look combination. Here Diya pairs a multi-colour stripes leggings with a yellow/white polka dot sleeveless. We kept the style simple and let the colours stand out by themselves. We also love the stripes and polkadot combination here, although it can be quite risky to pull off sometimes. Do you think Diya managed to pull it off?

Location: Burj-Al-Arab, Cardiff 
Diya is wearing: Polkadot sleeveless top by Ladybird, Multicoloured stripe leggings by GapKids, Pink bow Balerina shoes by GapKids
Accessories: Barbie watch and Hello Kitty headband


  1. gorgeous colours! mmg match sangat diya's legging with the setting of the room in the first photo tu

  2. Oh thanks kayla. That picture does look like rainbow vomit doesnt it? But in a good way of course!

  3. a ah. baru nak ckp mcm yg kayla ckp. masuk sgt dgn background, ala2 shot utk front cover magz pon ada jgk :)

  4. oyis: aiyoo.. front cover magazine? kebang vontot i kejap. :p