Saturday, 12 March 2011

Little Sister and Little Garden Bench

Don't you just love mini furnitures? They make the little ones feel belonged in the "grown up world". Look at Diya and Icha with their wide puppy eyes begging dad for this cute little garden bench. What a perfect picture moment I thought to myself. Diya and (introducing) her little sister Icha sitting on a little garden bench. :)


Location: What! Cardiff
Diya is wearing: My First Hard Rock Cafe ROME Novelty Tee, Skinny Jeans by Zara Kids, Military Jacket by Gap, pink sunglasses print Stephanie cap, black socks and H&M Ballerina Shoes.
Icha is wearing: Indigo jeans by Mothercare, Orange long sleeve tee by Benetton, Red coat by George, White trainers by Fila


  1. heyyy ! which one is diya ? btw , both of you are so cuteeee! =D

  2. Hi fatin, thanks for dropping by. Diya is my eldest girl - she is 4 and half. Icha is her baby sister - just turned 1 last december ;-)