Monday, 21 March 2011

Bohemian Rhapsody

I love, love, love maxi dresses! It was such a trend last summer and I think it will be a big hit again this time around. I love how it swishes while you walk (okay, maybe sweeping the floor is a better term :p) and the simplicity of the look. Its actually quite hard to find a "sweep-floor-length" maxi dress for kids, and the one Diya is wearing is actually meant for an 8 year old! We had to alter the size so it would fit her frame (no thanks to me who can't sew!) Thankfully I have a mom who is excellent at it - she used to sew her own curtains! Anyway, we paired the dress with a cute sling bag and tied her hair in braids,  just to keep it in line with the bohemian look. So what do you think?

Location: John Lewis and Queen Street Cardiff
Diya is wearing: Tie Dye maxi dress from Next, Denim Waistcoat from Mothercare, Shoe from H&M (We  sooo have to find new shoes already!) Accessorised by Red White Stripe Bow Headband from Zara Kids, Snow white watch and Brown sling bag by Next (a present from aunty Jabeth)


  1. Hi,

    I am a Mom of two kids, a boy and a girl. I love your daughters style and she is really cute! Would love to see her closet, how you arrange it and how you keep her stuff!

    My daughter is more of a tomboy, but is now slowly starting to like dresses and accessories. Her closet is so disorganized, and I'm looking for ideas. If you could pls do this, that would be great!!

    Misty McGregor

  2. Hi Misty! Thanks for dropping by. To be honest with you diya's closet is pretty much disorganised too! She has too much stuff and its all over the place most of the time. Sometimes it drives me crazy haha. I'll try to snap some pictures and put it up in my next post but i warn you its not something i am totally proud of ;-)

  3. unlike diya, i could never rock a maxi dress. i keep getting the 'are you expecting?' question when i try, so i totally give up! :P

  4. Oyis: I love wearing maxi, they are super comfy. Why not u try pairing it with a structured jacket instead of a cardigan - it helps to define your waist.