Thursday, 24 March 2011

Diya's closet

Hi all, today's post is going to be about Diya's closet. Misty requested me to put up some pictures to show how I organise Diya's stuff. To be honest with you, I dont keep her stuff organised all the time, and because we dont have much space, I try to keep everything minimal. Fortunatey, I just stored away all the winter clothes and so what you will see is the less cluttered version - half of what it used to be. :)

So this is Diya's closet. Its super small, i know! Most of her stuff are in this tiny closet, can you believe it (not including school uniforms and heavy coats)? The trick is to hang several items on one hanger. I probably have 3-4 dresses on each one. It does help to save space.

Some folded clothes include t-shirts, skirts and shorts

As for accessories, both of us share a long "dressing table" (which is actually my low bookshelf!). I hang most of our accessories on this (broken) ikea mirror frame and its kinda cool because it looks decorative yet so functional.

These are some stuff in Diya's accesories box

So I guess that is all really. Sorry to dissapoint you Misty... as you can see, there is nothing much to shout about. I like to keep things simple and practical - but not necessarily organised all the time. I dont think you can (even for a working-from-home-mom like me). Nonetheless, I hope you have better luck decorating and organising you daughter's stuff. :)

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