Monday, 18 April 2011

Longleat Retreat

About two weeks ago we went for a retreat at Longleat Safari and adventure park. This place is awsome especially for families with young kids. We got to see  animals from the  wild rhinos to girrafes to porcupine (sp?) to cute little lambs! There was also mazes, boat and train rides as well as kids play area, all included in the day ticket admission. We were lucky that it was bright and sunny throughout and Diya was able to wear shorts and sleeveless dress that day. The girls really enjoyed themselves that day :)

Location: Longleat Safari and Adventure Park
Diya is wearing: Sleveless babydoll top by Fatface (A birthday gift from dear friends Ahna, Ines and Zain), Denim shorts from Next, Green Gap hoodie, Pink Stephanie Hat, Hello Kitty Sunnies and Upsydaisy Wellies from Next.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sugar and Spice

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy lately and honestly, I've dont really have good pictures of Diya to show. This is no exclusion either. But I guess it will suffice. Bear with me people :) Anyways, Diya is wearing a lovely soft pink long sleeve shirt which I got from ebay for a quid! It was indeed a true bargain. I guess a was lucky since people are more interested to bid on short sleeves outfits now, since it has been quite warm lately. But I still love the shirt regardless - the colour, the tailoring, the collar - whats there not to like about it? :) Diya paired it with a floral skirt (also featured here), ballerina pumps and a grey bow headband to keep it sweet and simple. Her little sister's outfit matches too - Icha is sporting a grey dress and those devine red sequined shoes that she got from Abah. Doesn't the red shoes remind you of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz? :) 


Location: Canton and Masala Bazaar Cardiff
Diya is wearing: Soft pink long sleeve shirt by Zara Kids, Floral Skirt by Next, Red knee length socks, Ballerina pumps from GapKids and Grey bow headband