Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Favorite looks

You could probably tell that both Diya and I love clothings from Zara Kids. I dont think any other label makes kids clothes so fashionable, and chic, yet so young and fresh, like they do. They just launched their spring/summer collection and you can visit the lookbook on their website to view the latest trend. Thanks to my sister who noticed it first and put it up on her blog!

I have to admit that I love the fall/winter collection more, because of the understatement pieces and use of colours that are timeless. These are some of my favorite looks from their previous collection

Arent they all just adorable? My favorite look would be the one with cable knit sweater with oversized knit scarf! Athough i have to admit that heavy and warm materials can be too much for Malaysia's hot climate!
I am in love with this equestrian blazer and the patch elbows!
This girl almost look like Diya no?
Zara skinny jeans are simply fabulous.
Diya probably owns 7 pairs in total since she was 2 years old!

 The boys collection is also very smart indeed! I am clueless when it comes to dressing boys but I think I can rely on Zara for guidance!
One of my sister's friend *waving to Fatin* suggested this look for Diya.
Thank you for your suggestion, I'll see what i can do :)

ps: i also like the fact that Zara is constantly featuring asian models in their campaigns :)


  1. ha ah. H&M pon ada guna model asian kids jgk i ada perasan. u survey2 la kot ada audition utk kid models, bole try utk diya?

    btw kan, mcm mana u keep her dresses so clean? cik mek aisyah tu aktif la, slalu kotor je baju, mmg buat masa ni she lives in expendable (read: cheap) T-shirt n jeans je la, malas i nak dress up kan sgt huhu...

    is it just her or mmg at this age (not yet 3 y.o) it's a bit difficult to style? sikat rambut pon x nak, mcm mana la nak pakai kan bow T_T. i ada beli kan dia calf-length boots, pon dia x nak pakai. prefer kasut dora dia... nanges ooooo..

  2. oohh....i do not really favour Zara's boys jeans because I find it not flattering for my boys. Maybe because most jeans in their collection are skinny. I prefer H&M for jeans and shirts actually. hehe. more choices (and colours) for boys, IMHO. Jeans gap pon cantik.

  3. hi there!
    waving back...I'm fatin..ninie's friend..haha..I just realize that u posted the picture I gave to ninie...hehe really made my day...and yes diya is super cuteeee!!I'm a big fan!*LOL* as u can see I frequently check up this blog nk tgk kecomelan die..hehe

    kem salam com commm kat diya!:)

  4. Oyis: actually diya was accepted in a modelling agency but because most photoshoot is in london and kena bayar to be in the lookbook, i decided to decline. Takpelah. Dah nak balik mesia kan.. Huhu

    sabb: haah kan? Zara jeans mostly skinny. So it doesnt fit all body types. Tu kelemahan zara designs. I do like h&m designs as well ;-)

    fatin: aww, you are so sweet.. thanks for visiting this blog and do leave more comments on her look yah ;-)