Sunday, 6 March 2011

60's glam

London was great. The weather was not. I guess we were not lucky this time around. It was quite dissapointing not being able to take pictures (sans coat) and not able to really enjoy the beautiful  landmarks that the big city has to offer. Luckily weather was better when we got back to Cardiff. We went on a trip to Clarks Village on Saturday and Diya bagged herself  two new Monsoon dresses (thanks to my Dad).  Monsoon has an outlet there and they offer really good prices for the dresses, at least half the price from the store.  I have been eyeing on this tassel dress since they first came out last season but the price tag was too much for me and therefore was so happy that it was only selling at one third of the retail (not that i'm paying). As for Diya, she was just over the moon with this beautiful piece that she couldnt resist putting them on the next day when we went out to town! Thank you Abah for the wonderful dresses!

ps: Icha got one herself and a pair of red sequined shoes to match!   


Location: Debenhams, St. Davids Cardiff
Diya is wearing: Pink Tassel dress from Monsoon, Polkadot tights from Mothercare, brown waterfall cardigan from Zara Kids, Shoes from H&M
Acessories: Transparent Disney Princess Tote (again, thanks to Dad), A white toy kitty from Malaysia named Fluffy, A new snow white watch (thanks to my Mom) and pearl bead necklace


  1. emma, editing pon u buat sendiri ek? cantik la the piccas(the model n dresses too, of course!) :)

  2. Oyis: the editing i did on picasaweb. Its so easy. Just set up an account and they hv all sorts of features for you to play with. ;-)