Sunday, 27 February 2011

Waldorf B Institute

Blair Waldorf is probably my favorite character from the Gossip Girl series. I like her fresh Preppy look, her choices for handbags and shoes, not to mention men. *drool on Chuck Bass* . Its amazing how she can pull off an oversize bow headband (and set the worldwide trend for hair accessories) without looking childish. Diya loves wearing dresses that are very feminine in style and the bow detailing on this dress keeps it young, when paired with houndstooth pattern fabric. I love the neckline of this dress and the pearl-bead necklace that sits at the perfect length. We decided to pair the outfit with a butterfly sequined bag (which I got for only 3quids!) for the finishing touch to the look. And guess what she got in her bag? Purple Fruit Shoot of course! 

Location: Hollister Co. Store in St Davids 2 Cardiff

Diya is wearing: Black and Grey Houndstooth dress by Zara Kids, Grey Crop Cardigan by Grirl2Girl Primark, Mothercare Stripy Tights and Flowery ballerina shoes by H&M.
Accessories: Butterfly Bag by Monsoon Kids, Pearl-bead necklace and matching bow hairband.


  1. i think you should also add looks yang ingat tak die mcm pakai tights, and ikat rambut dua, mcm ade character in GG gak, tuh chomey gak hehe

  2. Thanks ninie! oh i remember that look. she was wearing the same skirt in the casual saturday look right? Jenny Humphrey style kan? Okay will do thanks for the suggestion!

  3. diya is a natural! and you are really awesome with directing the shoot. nmpk cam pro dah. siap bgtau beli kat mana tu yg best tu, bole i cekidaut sama hehehe...

  4. thanks oyis! actually takde directing pon, sebab bila direct je terus jadik kaku and control minah tu. lol. and the outfits are mostly (if not all) I bought when they are on sale - you know how i am with bargain hunts :)