Saturday, 26 February 2011

Casual Saturday

Cardiff was blessed with sunshine on Saturday. It was our weekly grocery shopping day and we decided to keep it simple and casual, hence the title of this look. It was nice not having to wear winter coat out, especially when you had constantly worn them for the past few months! I love the colour of this Gap jumper as it reminds me of Spring that never has yet to come. Actually, I like all things green from Gap because the colour is so vibrant and unique and does not fade in wash. The skirt was a gift from Diya's grandparents from Malaysia and needless to say it is her favorite skirt of all. It is actually a knee length skirt but has now become a mini - that's how old this skirt is! We both love vintage pieces- it adds a personal touch to the look and  some colours do get better when they age.

Location: Our House Street
Diya is wearing: Grey turtleneck by Zara Kids, Green Hoodie Jumper by Gap, Pink Check Skirt by Pumpkin Patch, Glittery leggings by Mothercare and Brown boots by Clarks. Hair tied in ponytail, accessorised with black ribbon and jewels headband.

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