Friday, 25 February 2011

pink attitude!

We were passing by this lovely coloured wall at St Davids 2 and I just couldn't resist for a photo op. Diya was not that enthusiastic to take pictures at the time because she was too equipped with the free coloring book and crayons she just got from John Lewis cafe. Who could blame her? Her outfit is very simple, just a sleeveless dress with two oversized pockets detailings - fashionable yet practical as she can keep all her crayons in them LOL. I like the patterned warm tights she is wearing here which I purchased very long time ago, back when she couldnt even fit into them. It turned out to be a good investment especially during the recent winter when she got to wear them for quite awful lot of time. In the last picture you could see my other girl Icha (albeit only her back) and her lovely curls, that I couldnt bring myself to crop out from the picture. I love the contrast colour of vibrant pink background over Diya's pale grey dress as it brings out the small detailings like the buttons and the fabric of the dress. But I love most is the pleats on the waist as it adds structure yet seen so effortless. :) 

Pictures taken at St Davids 2 Shopping Arcade, Cardiff
Diya is wearing: Grey Dress by Zara Kids, Unbranded Warm Patterened Leggings Bought From Aldi, Black Dora Mary Janes (Her School Shoes!)

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